Family Education Day

Family Education Day


USW Family Education Day is a program that provides funding for locals to bring together USW members, their families and allies in the social justice movement for a day of education, culture and networking.  

Holding a USW Family Education Day is a great way for your local to:

Think you might be interested in holding a USW Family Education Day for your local?  Below are some answers to questions you may have about hosting one of these events at your local:

Who can sponsor a USW Family Education Day?

 Who participates in USW Family Education Day? Who should we invite?

What will we do at the USW Family Education Day?

Here is an example of what a USW Family Education Day might look like:

Morning Educational Seminar: This segment is for USW members and their families and must be related to the USW or the larger labour movement. For example, you could offer one or two short USW courses such as "You and Your Union" (to provide participants with general information about the union and the services it provides) or "New Worker Awareness" (to inform participants of their rights under health and safety legislation), or you could invite a professor from a university in the area to speak about labour history or other issues affecting working families and our communities.

Lunch: Serve lunch on site to give people the opportunity to meet and talk with other participants. To allow for a broader understanding and to help build solidarity outside of our "union family", invite representatives from community organizations who share our goals and vision to join in for lunch and for the rest of the day. 

Cultural activity: After lunch, invite everyone to participate in a cultural activity. For example, you could organize a "labour history hunt", in which people would visit three or four locations you have identified and meet a labour history storyteller who would share the history of that particular location and its significance to the USW and the broader labour movement. The storytellers could be local union activists, staff, SOAR members or community allies. Participants would be broken up into small groups and assigned a number of locations to visit by a set time. All participants would come back together and each group would have to relay what they learned on their hunt by telling a story, doing a skit or drawing a picture.

Another idea for the cultural component would be to invite a group to come in and perform labour music for the afternoon or put on some kind of skit or play.

Closing comments: The day ends with a final speech to thank all participants and USW gifts are distributed to everyone. 

If you have other ideas on how your local/area council can structure a family education day, feel free to be creative, and check with your District Education Coordinator to make sure you are eligible for funding. 

How do we pay for our USW Family Education Day?

Contact your District Education Coordinator for assistance in putting together your agenda for the day and to get help and support in finding facilitators or other resources you may need. You can download and print the application form here.

District 3- Dayna Sykes - - 604-683-1117

District 5 - Maude Raîche - - 514-382-9596

District 6 - Jackie Edwards - 416-544-5976 

Not yet a member of the USW Family and Community Education Fund?

At the 1995 Canadian National Policy Conference, the delegates adopted the National Director's recommendation on family education:

"The family education program is to be reconstituted with a broader mandate to provide programming oriented towards involving the families of Steelworker members in the educational life of the organization, strengthening the role of the union in enhancing the quality of life for Steelworker families, and in helping to identify and develop new activists."

A Family and Community Education Fund was established and has generated funds to fulfill this mandate. The Fund gives our union the ability to educate and engage our families and communities about unions and their contributions to society. Join today! All you need to do is fill out the check-off authorization