Tell the Liberals to pass anti-scab legislation

Image: A group of unionists with flags march down a street in rainy, cold weather.

About the Campaign

As part of their confidence-and-supply agreement with the government, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP secured federal anti-scab legislation.

The legislation (Bill C-58) was tabled in November 2023 by the Minister of Labour, and is a clear victory for Steelworkers and the broader labour movement who have pushed for it for decades. Still, work needs to be done to make sure the law effectively levels the playing field for labour negotiations.

To date, the bill exempts various classes of workers and volunteers from the ban. Even when it’s in full effect, as it is currently written, the law would explicitly and implicitly allow some scab labour to continue – well beyond the reasonable need to ensure public safety and the protection and maintenance of equipment. It also excludes the public service.

Further, the Liberals have included an 18-month delay before it comes into force, after it becomes law.

The NDP and Bloc have both committed to working to improve the bill at committee and we will keep pushing alongside our other partners too.

Please join in calling on the government to stop making workers wait; fix and pass this important legislation now.

By filling in your name and postal code here, you are showing your support for workers’ rights and this campaign. An email will be sent on your behalf to your Member of Parliament, the Liberal government cabinet and the leaders of both the NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

Fix and pass anti-scab legislation now!

Send a message to your MP to fix and pass the anti-scab legislation now!

You can find a full backgrounder here.