SNOLAB: Fair contract now and no scabs at our workplace!

A group of people standing side-by-side outdoors, in front of a trailer. The photo was taken in the evening, marking the beginning of a strike, so the surroundings are dark.

USW Local 2020-59 members, who work at SNOLAB facilities, which include an underground laboratory deep inside Vale’s Creighton Mine in Greater Sudbury, are on strike. These members conduct world class testing, research and experiments that has achieved recognition globally including a Nobel prize.

While SNOLAB bills itself as a ‘world-class science facility,’ its actions at the bargaining table show that it isn’t too concerned about the retention of world-class employees by offering them substandard wages and concessions. 

SNOLAB has also began using scab labour to perform the jobs of the striking USW members, which undermines the collective action they are taking against the employer.

We need your help to call on SNOLAB to get back to the bargaining table, bargain a fair contract and stop the use of scab labour.