About the campaign

It’s clear that Telus doesn’t care about Canadian workers. Telus executives are choosing to eliminate thousands of Canadian jobs and pocket even more profits. But Telus workers are the reason the company makes record revenues. Even other Canadian companies like Rogers are promising to bring back more Canadian customer service jobs while Telus executives are pushing the opposite agenda. 

During the pandemic, it was USW Local 1944 members who stepped up to produce massive profits for Telus while some offshore locations were shut down. Last year, Telus workers helped produce $18.5 billion, the highest-ever revenue for the company. The Telus President and CEO is the highest-paid executive in the entire telecommunications sector.

Negotiations between USW Local 1944 and Telus have been drawn out since October 2021. In December 2022, Telus executives walked away from the bargaining table and have failed to return.

USW Local 1944 is fighting hard to get a fair deal for Telus workers. That includes: 

  • Protecting and creating local jobs
  • Ensuring fair wages for Telus workers

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