Lifelong Learning Scholarship

The United Steelworkers union has a proud tradition of supporting worker education. Whether it is through our Back-to-the-Locals Education program, our Leadership Development Scholarship program, or labour and community sponsored courses, Steelworkers invest in giving members the skills and expertise they need to meet the political, social and economic challenges of today’s global economy.

One of the ways Steelworkers help to open doors to member education is through scholarships. As part of a previous co-operative relationship between the USW, an insurance company and Working Enterprises Insurance, contributions were made to the Columbia Institute to provide Steelworkers with education scholarships. Lifelong Learning Scholarships are broadly directed. This year, there are nine scholarships of $1000 each available. These awards support USW members who are enrolled in a part-time or full-time public post-secondary or accredited labour program including correspondence or distance education, and are paid directly to the educational institution. The USW Lifelong Learning scholarship is not renewable.

The Columbia Institute is a charitable organization established to motivate and support working people to build strong communities. Through training, education and scholarship programs, the Institute hopes to enhance the role labour activists can play in moving forward our progressive agenda inside and outside of our workplaces.

For further information, and to access the application form:

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