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USW merchandise for individuals

(No Canadian logos available)

The international USW online store has a wide range of attractive and functional items, from jackets and polo shirts to alarm clocks. Items are only available with the unilingual International logo. Please note that shipping and duty fee will apply to all orders.

The USW online store

The link above takes you to the USW International website. Please note that all prices for merchandise and shipping on that site are in US dollars

You can also contact the store directly from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern at 1-888-SAY-USW2.

USW merchandise for locals

Locals are responsible for the production of their own merchandise.

All local merchandise should be made by union labour using sustainable materials. It should be made by Steelworkers when available.

Using the USW Logo

When having merchandise made, permission must be obtained to use the USW logo. The Local must have their vendor contact our Purchasing and Travel Department by sending an email to

Making a Local Logo

If a Local Union would like a USW logo designed specifically for their local, contact the Communications Department in the Canadian National Office at or call 416-544-5991.


In order to print, duplicate or produce any material or promotional item containing the logo, you will first be required to enter into a Licensing Agreement with the USW. After the agreement has been signed and returned to the USW, a high-resolution file of the logo will be e-mailed or shipped on CD to you by our Purchasing and Travel Department, You can contact them by sending an email to Use of the logo by an outside printer or vendor without the written permission of the USW is a violation of the law of both the United States and Canada.