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May 3, 2023 | News Articles

The Women’s International Solidarity Program of the Steelworkers Humanity Fund is launching a pilot open call for proposals outside Canada for international development projects and worker-led initiatives that support women in accessing and being successful in employment occupations and industry labour sectors impacted by gender bias.

Projects must be led and implemented by non-profit organizations or associations located in low and middle-income countries. This initiative seeks to expand the international partners of the Humanity Fund to help advance strategic women and labour issues.

Humanity Fund partner in Honduras leading training on ergonomics to unions.

This call for proposals seeks to:

  • Increase women’s successful labour integration in industries that continue to experience gendered occupational segregation;
  • Elevate women’s leadership in labour movements that advocate for access and equity in non-traditional jobs;
  • Help women secure decent work in career fields or sectors of employment where women’s participation is underrepresented.

Funded project activities may include technical skills building, equity and inclusion efforts, improvements on occupational health and safety, job mentoring, wrap-around supports, labour leadership and local organizing spaces, among others.

This call for proposals will promote the active participation and integration of women in underrepresented industries in the Global South as a strategy for poverty alleviation and economic justice.

To review the call for proposals criteria – here

Applications must be submitted by June 2, 2023.

Please complete an online application in your preferred language: 

Online Application (English)

Online Application (French)

Online Application (Spanish)

For more information:

Steelworkers Humanity Fund

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photo 1: Humanity Fund partner in Honduras leading training on ergonomics to unions.

Photo 2: Humanity Fund partner in Liberia supporting youth in trades and vocational skills.

Photo 3: Humanity Fund partner in Peru at the graduation ceremony of labour education and workers’ rights program.

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