Amplifying the voices of USW women in industry

About the Campaign

Women work in industrial jobs throughout our union—in mining, forestry, manufacturing, transportation and more. These sisters asked for a confidential space to meet, discuss issues of common interest, share ideas, and support one another. And so the USW National Women’s Committee created the Women in Industry Network, for any female-identified members working in industrial settings.

To date, the Network has met four times, mainly online. Meetings are short, have full English-French interpretation and hosted by Steelworker sisters who work in industry. If you would like to be notified of future meetings, please email us at!

We’ve discussed how to combat gender discrimination at work and where to find good PPE for women. Sisters collaborated to create a list of suppliers. And we’ve created the Women in Industry Network Facebook page. If you are a woman who works in an industrial setting, please visit and ask to join!