Training opportunity- Elevating action on gender based violence

Logo of the elevating action on gender based violence campaign.

Call for Applications

The Canadian Football Players Association (CFLPA), United Steelworkers (USW) and White Ribbon are coming together to bring forward a very exciting program: “Elevating Action”. This program will train spokespeople from the USW and CFLPA to be leaders in changing our culture and to challenge gender-based violence in our workplaces and communities.

This is an exciting partnership between our three organizations who share the common interest of ending gender-based violence and an understanding of the role that we can all play in being part of the solution. Elevating Action is our new iteration of the work that we have done and building on previous programs such as “Men Speak Up” and “Be more than a Bystander”.

White Ribbon is an organization that engages with men and boys in the prevention of gender-based violence by promoting equity and transforming social norms, attitudes and behaviours. White Ribbon’s roots grew out of a response to the 1989 Montreal massacre. This tragic event prompted the beginning of their transformative work with men and boys. The work they do promotes gender equality, consent, allyship, healthy relationships, emotional intelligence, safe and inclusive spaces, and new visions of masculinities to create lasting, lifelong changes. They use positive, strength-based and intersectional approaches in their work combined with anti-colonial practices and culture transformation.

We are currently looking for members from the CFLPA and the USW who want to lead this program, and who are willing to deliver this program in our union, workplaces and communities about the role that we all play in addressing gender-based violence, and we are looking for folks to lead us in this process. We will be training spokespeople from both the USW and CFLPA in various cities across Canada in 2024.

Cost for training will be covered by the USW Family and Community Education Fund.

In order to protect members’ confidentiality, applications will be screened and reviewed by White Ribbon. Please forward your completed application to Zoey James, Program Manager, by email at

Note: We encourage you to re-apply if you applied for the first session.