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Lethbridge West Starbucks workers file application to join Steelworkers union

November 7, 2022 | Media Releases
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The United Steelworkers union (USW) Local 1-207 has applied with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) for a certification vote on behalf of Starbucks workers at the Lethbridge West Starbucks store.

“Despite the barriers that Starbucks and the UCP government have put in the way of workers trying to join a union, the baristas at the Lethbridge West Starbucks store have been persistent in their effort to achieve better working conditions,” said Pablo Guerra, a USW organizer for Western Canada.

“I’m very proud of these workers for holding the line and not backing down after their first unionization vote. It’s been a long road to get here today, but I am confident these workers will finally have a union that will work for them. This application sends a clear message to Starbucks management that it’s time to listen to their workers and involve them in decision-making processes that impact workers and their livelihoods,” added Guerra.

The certification application applies to 24 workers at the Lethbridge West store (store #4628), located at 550 University Dr. West. This application has been filed as a single-site certification. Previously, the Lethbridge West store was part of five stores that filed for certification in May 2022. After weeks of delay and a mail-in ballot vote, the vote ended in a tie and the workers were unable to secure union representation rights.

The ALRB will hear objections from Starbucks, which are due by Nov. 15, 2022, and is expected to authorize an in-person vote of the workers shortly after. To win the vote, the union must receive the support of more than half the workers.

The USW represents Starbucks workers at stores in Sherwood Park and Calgary in Alberta, and Victoria, Surrey and Langley in British Columbia. The USW also represents 225,000 members in nearly every economic sector across Canada and is the largest private-sector union in North America, with 850,000 members in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

Each year, thousands of workers choose to join the USW because of our strong track record in creating healthier, safer and more respectful workplaces and negotiating better working conditions and fairer compensation – including good wages, benefits and pensions.

Workers interested in joining the United Steelworkers union can learn more about the benefits at

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USW organizer
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USW Communications
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