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New Democrats stand in solidarity with striking USW Local 7135 workers demanding fair labour practices at National Steel Car

August 4, 2023 | News Articles

Below is an excerpt of a press release from federal NDP MP Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre) and Ontario NDP MPPs Sarah Jama (Hamilton Centre), Jamie West (Sudbury) and Jennie Stevens (St. Catherines):

Hamilton, Ontario – Elected members of the provincial and federal New Democratic Party (NDP) visited USW Local 7135’s picket line to express their solidarity with the striking workers at National Steel Car. The NDP leaders are demanding fair labour practices, including the rightful vacation pay that these hardworking employees deserve.

Matthew Green, MP for Hamilton Centre:

“As a proud NDP Member of Parliament, I wholeheartedly support the striking USW steel workers in their pursuit of justice and fairness. It is deeply concerning that National Steel Car and its CEO Greg Aziz have withheld vacation pay from hardworking employees. Vacation pay is not a privilege; it something that these workers have already earned and deserve to receive on their agreed upon schedule.

This situation highlights the urgent need for stronger workers’ rights protections and regulations to prevent such abuses in the future. The NDP firmly believes in the importance of fair labour practices and stands in solidarity with the workers fighting for their rights.”

Sarah Jama MPP for Hamilton Centre:

“The behaviour of National Steel Car toward its employees is abusive at best. The company continues to force its workers to make wages that aren’t enough to live on. While the organization is raking in profits, many workers are on the brink of experiencing homelessness. Working conditions also remain unsafe and pension contributions haven’t adjusted to rates of inflation at all. National Steel Car needs to stop treating its workers so poorly and negotiate in good faith.”

Jamie West, MPP for Sudbury:

“I know what it’s like to be a Steelworker on strike. When I was on strike, only New Democrats came to show their support. Now that I’m an MPP, I’m proud to join with my NDP colleagues and support the Members of USW Local 7135.

This is a workplace where three workers have been killed. These are skilled workers – tradespeople. They’re on strike for safety improvements and wages that keep up with inflation. Meanwhile, instead of negotiating in good faith, National Steel Car is withholding their already-earned vacation pay!”

Jennie Stevens, MPP for St. Catherines:

“The loss of three workers at National Steel Car has shaken our community in St. Catharines, as many Niagara workers commute to this worksite in Hamilton. In two years, families have been shattered, reminding us that worker safety is paramount. The situation at the picket line is unacceptable. National Steel Car must negotiate fairly and ensure safety for all – stop using tactics to starve out their employees, like withholding compensation.”

The NDP remains committed to fighting for workers’ rights and fair labour practices. They call on National Steel Car and CEO Greg Aziz to engage in good faith negotiations and address the workers’ concerns promptly. Fair treatment, safety and just compensation are non-negotiable principles that must be upheld for all Canadians.

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