Leadership Development Scholarship Program

The Leadership Development Scholarship Program (LDS Program) provides a unique opportunity for specialized activist training in a classroom of rank and file Steelworkers, who come from a wide range of workplaces right across North America. It is a four year program that gives activists one week per year of training at our Linden Hall facility in Pennsylvania.

Over a four year period, participants attend four week-long training sessions in which they learn with and from fellow USW members. The intense training challenges participants to expand their strategic planning and leadership abilities, and learn to effectively communicate with the community and media. Heavy emphasis is placed on a collaborative learning atmosphere which helps leaders define and obtain goals.

District Directors nominate activists to the program who demonstrate commitment and service to the USW. Each District is allotted a specific number of participants to nominate to the program on a per capita basis.  Each participant is awarded a stipend, plus room, board, and travel expenses.

To apply for the program, please contact your servicing staff representative.