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Steelworkers! Join the NDP and be part of our political work for a better Canada.

Political Action To Improve Lives

Steelworkers are active in politics to make lives better for workers and families by going beyond the bargaining table.

The New Democratic Party shares our commitment to better laws and policies that put people first.

Steelworkers are proud of our partisan heritage – our union is a founding partner of the NDP.

Unions can no longer make donations to the NDP at the federal level. We must build our partnership with the party through individual membership, volunteering and donations.

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Steelworkers: Join the NDP

By becoming a member of the NDP, you can take your commitment to making lives better for workers one step further.

A Party for Labour and Social Justice

Working together with the NDP, Steelworkers are at the forefront of important campaigns for fairness and justice for workers. From improved pension security and protecting public health care, to demanding real benefits from foreign takeovers and greater corporate social responsibility, the NDP is our partner in politics.

By joining the NDP, you’ll be joining and supporting a community of New Democrat Steelworkers who are involved in politics to help make lives better for all of us.

Steelworkers helped build this party; let’s keep it growing.

Be a part of it – Become a Member of the NDP today.