USW Post Secondary Scholarships

Especially during the pandemic, we have the education of Steelworkers families at heart!

Every year, the United Steelworkers union awards 22 scholarships of $1,500 each to qualified students across Canada, as follows:

  • District 3: 5 scholarships (Western Provinces, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut)
  • District 5: 6 scholarships (Quebec)
  • District 6: 2 scholarships (Atlantic Provinces)
  • District 6: 6 scholarships (Ontario)
  • National Locals: 3 scholarships (Local Unions 1944, 1976 and 2004)

These scholarships are intended to support Steelworkers members who spend many years saving so that they or their children can pursue post-secondary education.

Application deadline: June 30, 2023.


Eligible applicants must:

  • be a member of the United Steelworkers, or the child* of a member in good standing *(children include biological or birth children, children by adoption and children by other, equivalent relationship),
  • be 25 years of age or younger, and
  • be enrolled in post-secondary education in 2023.

Applicants may be entering any year of study and may be returning to their studies after a break. USW Post-Secondary Scholarships cannot be awarded to the same applicant more than twice.

To apply

1)    Complete the application form:

Application Form

2)    Submit either a 3-minute video or a 250-word written statement, in either French or English, on one of the following topics. Videos should be posted on YouTube and the video URL included in the application form. Written statements should be in Word or PDF format and uploaded to the online application form, sent as an email attachment or printed and mailed. Topics are:

  • How has your life been impacted by you and/or your family member being in a union?
  • What issues or problems in society do you think unions should work on?
  • How could unions help combat discrimination?

3)    The application form and video or written statement must be received by end of day June 30, 2023.

Choosing winning applications

1)    Scholarships will be awarded based on the quality of the ideas discussed in the video or written statement, as determined by an unbiased reviewer.

2)    Winning applicants will be asked to provide proof of enrolment in an institution of higher education before an award cheque is issued.

2022 USW Post Secondary Scholarships Recipients


Jordan Karwacki
New Westminster (BC)
Parent: Theodore Karwacki
USW Local 1976

Marissa Savoury
Port aux Basques (NL)
Parent: Shelley Savoury
USW Local 1976

Ryan Cherepanik Calgary (AB) Parent: John D Cherepanik USW Local 1944

District 3

Nolan Kurulok
Calgary (AB)
USW Member
USW Local 1-207

Karlee Cooper
Regina (SK)
Parent: Jason Cooper
USW Local 5890

Erin Tilk
Saskatoon (SK)
Parent: Albert Tilk
USW Local 7458

Cole Jackson
Merritt (BC)
Parent: Mary Jackson
USW Local 7619

Julian Lopez-Acosta
Port Coquitlam (BC)
Parent: Maria Viviana Acosta
USW Local 2009

District 5

Marek Cauchy-Vaillancourt
Montréal (QC)
Parent: Claire-Andrée Cauchy
USW Local 7625

Mégane Dupré
Fermont (QC)
Parent: Anny Bergeron
USW Local 5778

Élody Girard
Saint-Hubert (QC)
Parent: François Girard
USW Local 6887

Léony Gobeil
Alma (QC)
Parent: Yanick Gobeil
USW Local 9490

Alexane Laberge
St-Jean sur Richelieu (QC)
Parent: Isabelle Bournival
USW Local 3953

Patrick Pouliot
Sept-Îles (QC)
Parent: Jean-François Pouliot
USW Local 9344

District 6

Anchaleena Mandal
Kingston (ON)
Parent: Sanchita Mandal
USW Local 2010

Suzana Rama
Beamsville (ON)
USW Member
USW Local 9597

Mahmood Badr
Guelph (ON)
Parent: Awatif Al-Taha
USW Local 4120

Sarah Graham
Timmins (ON)
USW Member
USW Local 9350

Elliott Caruso
Sault Ste Marie (ON)
Parent: Patrick Caruso
USW Local 2251

Charlotte Cloutier
Val Caron (ON)
Parent: Patrick Cloutier
USW Local 6500

Taylor Elliott
Lower Sackville (NS)
Parent: Trevor Elliott
USW Local 5319

Cameron White
Labrador City (NL)
Parent: Pat White
USW Local 5795