Canadian National Office

234 Eglinton Avenue East, 8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1K7
Tel: 416-487-1571
Fax: 416-482-5548


National Director
Marty Warren

Assistant to the National Director
Meg Gingrich

Administrative Assistant to the National Director
Alexandra Eshelman

Executive Assistant to the National Director
Efia Ector

Financial Administrator
Yana Sverdlin

Office Coordinator
Ellyn Rubin

National Locals
Derek Teolis

National Locals – Local 1944
Jayson Little

Dale Gardner

Support Staff
Rae Kolbin

Wood Council Chair
Jeff Bromley (Burnaby)
Tel: 604-683-1117

SOAR (Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees)

National SOAR Coordinator
Lena Sutton (retired)

Support Staff
Monica Mark

Communications and Political Action Department

Department Head
Shannon Devine

Staff Representatives
Brett Barden (District 3, Burnaby)
Clairandrée Cauchy (District 5, Montreal)
Lorei Leigh De Los Reyes (District 6)
Kim Hume
Denis St. Pierre

Senior Resource Technicians
Reg Albino
Mustapha Makri (Casual)
Laura Nguyen (Parental leave)

Support Staff
Meriem Yousfi

Government Liaison (Legislative Office)
François Soucy (Casual)

Support Staff (Legislative Office)
Tarah Lemours

280 rue Albert St. Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5G8
Tel: 613-731-6315
Fax: 613-731-0233

IT Department

Department Head

Staff Representative
Frank Linhares

Senior Resource Technicians
David Cantatore
Jamie Olmsted

Resource Technician
Lindsay Kellin

Global Affairs and Workplace Issues Department

Department Head
Guillaume Charbonneau

Education and Project Officer
Paul Bocking

Project Officer – International Solidarity
Jessica Farias

Canadian Program Coordinator – Mexico Labour Rights Project
Paul Bocking

Support Staff
Etienne Ayuk Ayuk Ndip

Education and Equality Department

Department Head
Adriane Paavo

Staff Representatives
– Equality Issues
Maude Raîche
(District 5, Montreal)
Dayna Sykes
(District 3, Burnaby)
Amanda Zakhour (District 6)

Support Staff
Dani Mahmoudi

Health, Safety and Environment Department

Department Head
Sylvia Boyce

Staff Representatives
Julie Hébert (District 5, Montreal)
Ed Kent (District 3, Burnaby)
Andy LaDouceur (District 6)

Support Staff
Sarah-Louise Quig

Canadian Counsel
Shaheen Hirani

Kristina Adhikari
Debra Burton (District 3, Burnaby)
Daniel Daigle
Erin Epp

Vinidhra Vaitheeswaran

Articling Student
 Jacqueline Moizer

Support Staff
Daniela Borchardt
Stephanie Buongiorno

Research, Public Policy and Bargaining Support Department

Department Head
Troy Lundblad

Staff Representatives
Jan Borowy (Pay Equity and Job Evaluation Administrator)
Roch Drapeau (District 5, Montreal)
Jackie Edwards
Shawn Harris (District 3, Burnaby – Job Evaluation)
Guio Jacinto
Shaker Jamal
Martin L’Abbée (District 5, Montreal – Job Evaluation & Pay Equity)
Matthew O’Reilly
Liesl Joson

Support Staff
Sarah-Louise Quig

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