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Reproductive freedom is a worker’s issue

July 5, 2022 | Statements

As a trade union, the USW cares about all workers’ health and safety, human rights and economic security. The right to make decisions about one’s own body is fundamental to those priorities. In the days following the U.S. Supreme Court decision on access to abortion, our union in Canada reaffirms its support of reproductive freedom as an essential element of economic security and human dignity. This includes abortion access for women, trans people and people of all genders who may need access to abortion services. This is a right guaranteed by the Canada Health Act, but abortion services are still inaccessible for far too many people.

We support the right to decide if and when to bear children and the right to access safe, publicly funded health care services. Those services must include abortion. We also support citizens’ right to a livable income and to quality public services – including stronger supports for families and access to quality child care, health care and education– so that children grow up in a safer, more equitable world.

As with so many issues, there are differing views about reproductive freedom. Let each of us make our own uncoerced decisions about our own bodies. And let’s contribute to a political climate in this country that maintains and strengthens that right to choose.

In solidarity,

Marty Warren
National Director for Canada

Scott Lunny
District 3 Director

Dominic Lemieux
District 5 Director

Myles Sullivan
District 6 Director

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