Collective bargaining language

June 14, 2022 | Booklets & Manuals

Standard language

.01 The Employer shall contribute to the Steelworkers Benefit Plan (the “Plan”) on behalf of each employee for each pay period an amount equal to (insert one of the following) per Hour Earned.

a. % of earnings
b. Cents per hour
c. Flat dollar amount per month

“Hours Earned” means all hours for which an employee receives wages or salary, and includes, without limited the generality of the foregoing, vacation pay, holiday pay, and hours for which such employee is absent for approved union business and any other approved leave.

.02 Contributions to the Plan shall be made for employees who are on sick benefits, workers compensation benefits (adjust language for particular province), weekly indemnity or other form of salary continuance, at a rate of forty (40) hours per week, for each week the employee is in receipt of such benefits.  Prorated payments shall be made where an employee is in receipt of such benefits for less than one (1) week.

If an employee is laid-off, contributions to the Plan shall continue at a rate of forty (40) hours per week to the [end of the month in which the layoff occurs]

NOTE: Contributions for layoff periods may be extended, but contributions must go to the end of the last month.

.03 The Employer shall ensure that the contributions are received by the Plan no later than the 15th day of the month [following (if a or b) or preceding (if c)] the month in which benefits are to be provided to employees.

.04 In the event that the total amount of contributions payable are not received by the Plan by the date set forth in Article *.03 above, the Employer shall be solely responsible for any and all benefits which the Plan would have provided to employees had the contributions been received on time. In addition, the Employer shall also be required to pay the outstanding contributions to the Plan.

.05 The Employer agrees to provide the Plan, on a timely basis, all information which the Administrator may reasonably require in order to properly record and process benefits.

For further specificity, the information required for each employee is as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Date of Hire
  5. Social Insurance Number
  6. Hours Earned
  7. Amount of Remittance per employee
  8. Termination Date
  9. Retirement Date
  10. Date of Death
  11. Gender

.06 The Employer agrees that an employee who may be appointed by the Union to be a Trustee of the Plan shall be entitled to attend up to four meetings of the Plan in a calendar year during work hours and shall receive pay and be credited with seniority notwithstanding her/his absence from work for that purpose.


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