District 3 Education

June 29, 2022 | Misc. Resources

Requests for schools/courses are made to your staff representative, who will coordinate with the District. To ensure there is adequate time to assign instructors, prepare materials and ship materials to the location of the school, we ask that a list of participants be submitted to the District office at least three weeks prior to the date of the school. There is a minimum requirement of 10 students per class. However, there are times when due to special circumstances, that requirement cannot be met, for example, if a local is preparing for negotiations and requests a Collective Bargaining Course for its bargaining committee, which is less than 10 people. In that case, the President or Staff Representative would make the request with the reason for the special circumstances. We also recommend a maximum of 20 students per class. Wood Council Locals may also contact the Wood Council Chair or the District Education Co-ordinator directly.


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