New Worker Awareness program

May 11, 2015 | Booklets & Manuals | Research & Publications

The United Steelworkers is the health and safety union. Many workplace injuries and illnesses happen because a worker is new to a job and unaware of the hazards. Most injuries happen to new workers in their first three months on the job. Help new and young workers by sharing your knowledge and experience.

By law, your employer is responsible for your health and safety. Employers must:

  • Prevent hazards.
  • Eliminate dangerous conditions.
  • Provide training.

Top 5 causes of injury:

  • Slipping and falling
  • Over-exertion
  • Being struck by an object
  • Suffering toxic effects from chemicals
  • Burns

A young worker tragedy

Eighteen-year old college student Lindsay Santos worked at the West Fraser Sawmill in northern B.C. She was sweeping up the planer (equipment used to dress or size rough-sawed lumber) when the broom handle caught in a conveyer belt, pulling Lindsay towards open rollers. Frantic efforts to revive her were too late. Lindsay Santos died just days after returning to college.

Learning from Tragedy through the USW’s New Worker Awareness Program

“I knew absolutely nothing about health and safety. When the Steelworkers came into our Careers classroom and did a presentation on it, I was astonished that something like this happened in the workplace and that it could happen to me one day.”

– Shikha Tandon, high school student, USW New Worker Awareness Program participant

Volunteer to be an instructor in the New Worker Awareness Program Become a union health and safety representative. Share your experience with others.

To find out how, email or call 416-544-5994.


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