Travel Reimbursement Policy

June 3, 2022
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This will reaffirm the policy of the International Union regarding the payment of expenses by the Local Union in connection with hotel, meal allowance and travel.

Each Local Union is permitted to reimburse for expenses in accordance with its approved by-Laws, but in no event in excess of the standards utilized by the International Union for reimbursement of its employees.

Any Local Union By-Law which has been approved by the International Union but which reimburses in amounts in excess of those allowed by the International for its employees will be permitted to continue provided that such payments are lawful and provided, further, that no changes increasing such amounts will be approved while the By-Laws are in excess of the International reimbursement policy.

Listed below are the current maximum allowable expenses for local unions:

  • Hotel – up to a maximum of $130 per day, receipt required.
  • Daily Expenses – When stay is overnight (substantiated by a Hotel receipt), up to a maximum of $71.00 per day and $41.50 for the day of return. No receipts required.
  • Daily ExpensesIntown– When stay is not overnight (or day of return), up to a maximum of $41.50 per day, receipt(s) required.**
  • Mileage Allowance – Up to a maximum of 70 cents per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres, and 64 cents per kilometre for each kilometer over 5,000, per calendar year, when using own personal vehicle.
  • Lost time – May be paid to individuals who are on authorized union business for actual scheduled lost time hours.

Maximum allowable expenses for a Local Union have been determined by the International Executive Board. Subsequent review and revisions to expenses are made at appropriate time intervals.

NOTE: The hotel amount is meant to be a guideline for the cost of an adequate hotel room. While it is essential that we attempt to spend our members’ union dues in a reasonable fashion, the International Executive Board is aware that it is often not possible to get proper accommodations at this spending level.

Accordingly, the Financial Secretary may want to investigate what a reasonable amount should be spent for accommodations in any given area.

** Such receipt should be machine or computer generated. Receipts filled out by the person submitting the voucher will no longer be accepted under any circumstances. If you are somewhere where it is not possible to get a machine or computer generated receipt you must have the server or cashier fill out the receipt and sign.

Updated 01/2024


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