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SOAR prepares for Canadian National Policy Conference

February 21, 2023 | News Articles

The Call for the next National SOAR conference has gone out to active SOAR chapters in Canada. If your chapter has not received it, please contact Monica Mark at

In January, SOAR chapters in Canada will be voting on members to attend the National SOAR Conference being held in Toronto at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on April 23 and 24, 2023. Each chapter is entitled to one delegate paid for from the National SOAR fund, but can send as many delegates as they can afford to pay from their own funds.

The delegates can expect interesting speakers on a variety of topics. Chapters are encouraged to submit resolutions on issues for debate and action. The deadline to receive resolutions is Feb. 27, 2023. We suggest that resolutions be no longer than 150 words. Once adopted by the conference delegates, the resolutions help shape the political agenda for SOAR going forward.

Delegates are invited to attend the first day of the USW Canadian National Policy Conference, to interact with active members and help build lasting relationships with local union leadership.

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