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Ignite the fire within us: Roxanne Brown

April 27, 2023 | News Articles
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At her first USW National Policy Conference, USW International Vice President at Large Roxanne Brown invited delegates to utilize the power of solidarity to help each other.

Referencing the theme of the conference, Engage, Mobilize, Organize, Brown reminded delegates that those words are a blueprint that lays out the approach we take as a union to maintain what we have now and to continue making gains.

Brown congratulated Canadian Steelworkers on the recent win on Bill C-228 that protects workers and pensioners in the event of a company bankruptcy. The win was largely due to Steelworker members and pensioners who committed to engaging their membership, mobilized their allies and communities and relentlessly organized to get this win.

“It’s always impactful for lawmakers to hear from our members. You are the best messenger of your story, our story,” continued Brown.

Brown also thanked the Canadian Women of Steel on the success of the Raising the Bar campaign that was borne out of the 2019 USW National Policy Conference.

“The campaign Raising the Bar is the perfect example that the work and policies you’re debating and passing this week brings wildfire to our union,” said Brown.

The campaign has become a great tool for the union to increase awareness of women’s health and safety issues, which Women of Steel in the U.S. have also now adopted.

Brown also commended the legions of young people seizing the moment to engage, mobilize and organize. Young workers are taking the lead to build power and tapping into that power to mobilize against those that seek to suppress us.

“Young workers ignite the fire within us. They are our current leading voices and are clear on what they won’t accept, what they are worth and what they bring to the table. They are carving a future for themselves, for our union, our labour movement and our two countries,” concluded Brown.  

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