Steelworkers Vote

The USW is politically engaged, because laws and politics have a big impact on our workplaces and our communities, and together we can be a force for positive change.

Health and safety standards, the right to refuse unsafe work and the Westray Bill are now enshrined in law thanks to the joint efforts of Steelworkers and elected members of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Whether in opposition or government, only the NDP has consistently fought for working people. In English Canada, Steelworkers are active members of the NDP. In Quebec, the USW works with Québécois parties, candidates and elected members.

The first Steelworkers Vote campaign was launched during the 2005 B.C. provincial election. Targeted election outreach to USW members by USW members contributed to 18 NDP victories, including electing two Steelworkers.

Steelworkers Vote is a targeted campaign before, during and beyond election campaigns to:

  • Communicate with, educate and mobilize our membership.
  • Use and build our communication networks.
  • Build political power for the USW.
  • Help the NDP and our political allies in Quebec make gains.
  • Through Steelworkers Vote, we are building the skills and confidence of our members to talk politics while supporting our political allies between and during election campaigns.

What you can do:

  • Start a political action committee in your local to help build support for the NDP and our political allies in Quebec.
  • Sponsor a Steelworkers Vote course or start an NDP membership drive in your workplace.
  • During a federal or provincial election, get involved with our Steelworkers Vote campaign.
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