Steelworkers District 6 Injured Workers Assistance Program

As Steelworkers we strongly believe that one accident, one injury or one person struck by industrial disease is one too many. But while we strive to make our workplaces completely safe we know that we need a safety net for those that fall victim to accidents or industrial disease.

Our Steelworkers District 6 Injured Workers Assistance Program provides that much needed safety net.

Fighting for Steelworkers members’ health and safety

The United Steelworkers union has always demonstrated strong leadership in defending the rights of injured workers, fighting for safe workplaces and advocating for those afflicted with industrial disease.

The District 6 Injured Workers Assistance Program has a proud history of Steelworkers leadership in health, safety and membership support.

The program offers quality representation to all Steelworkers fighting for their compensation claims. From our largest locals to our smallest bargaining units, the same robust support is available to all.

The Injured Workers Assistance Program is a key tool in ensuring your members get the assistance they need to fight the injustices of the workers’ compensation system. I strongly urge your local to join today.

In solidarity,

Myles Sullivan
District 6 Director

Expert representation for all compensation claims

Filing a compensation claim can be a daunting, complex process.

Too often, injured workers fall victim to an adversarial system that thwarts their rights to fair compensation. Many have faced poverty and hardship as a result.

The USW District 6 Injured Workers Assistance Program defends the rights of injured Steelworkers by providing mentoring, consulting, training and expert representation for all compensation claims.

Our program has a proven track record of success – since 2009, more than 4,000 District 6 members have benefited from our services!

Protect the rights of your members – enrol your local today!

Application forms are available from your staff representative, the District 6 office, online at, or from Program Co-ordinator Jim Pasel at Tel: 905-658-0252, Toll-free: 1-877-836-9291, Fax: 289-836-8426

USW District 6 Injured Workers Assistance Program

  • Representation at all levels of the compensation process, including return-to-work meetings, mediation, appeals and tribunals
  • Proven track record – more than 4,000 Steelworkers have benefited from the program
  • 19 service representatives providing expert assistance for all compensation claims
  • Available to all District 6 Locals, for only 50 cents per member, per month

Enrol your local today!

Jim Pasel
Program Co-ordinator

Tel: 905-658-0252
Toll-free: 1-877-836-9291
Fax: 289-836-8426